French In Sheffield

French for Business

A knowledge of French can be necessary in France!

Although English is widely used in business, it can be very advantageous to have another language at your disposal. In France, for example, it is often necessary to use French.


Lack of language can equal lack of business.

In a recent survey of leading executives in European countries, only 31% reported using English for professional purposes. The same survey showed that 11% of the small and medium sized enterprises had lost a contract in the previous year due to a lack of language skills. A further 10% were aware of having encountered intercultural difficulties. Potentially the real figures are much more important as some companies may not even know that their language skills (or the lack of them) had made them lose trades.


I offer one to one business French lessons as well as training in small groups. Whether you're looking for an intensive course, a quick start training or some regular lessons, I can tailor a solution that will meet your needs. Being French and having worked in several companies in France, I can help you understand the culture, the business etiquette and protocol. I will of course integrate your appropriate business and professional backgrounds into the lessons in order to focus on the situations you are more likely to encounter and the vocabulary you will need to use.

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